Kamis, 20 April 2017

Ask an Expert

Talk about special skills, comes to mind me for looking for a that has a unique expertise than the other and I remember the companions of my friend, her name is Devy Wahyuni. She was a new first lady offroader in west kalimantan who dare to  the track mud with gas the car is very fierce. Literally, Off-road is driving the vehicle outside the highway, whether it’s the ground, the mud, sand, the river, or rocks that is still in the condition of what is. Or with said vehicles from outside the streets paved roads.
This sport is adrenaline and is quite extreme, and rarely does a woman want to pursue like this. Has been imagined is not how unique the girl on this one? Here are the results of my interview with Devy.

Y: What is the reason for you to be offroader?
D: Because I have a sense of courage in the field of offroad, where it is rarely embedded in the mind of a woman.

Y: Why do you want to be a offroader?
D: I want to be an offroader, because I feel fit in the field. Through offroad also I know more about the automotive field that is occupied by men than women. Not only that, I also feel more superior than women.

Y: When did you start to pursue the world of offroad?
D: I started acquiring offroad since 2014, where I ventured to try the track in a competition offroad. Actually this I've learned since 2011. However, I need to process and time to do it in order to obtain maximum results.

Y: Who be the reason and your motivation to be a offroader?
D: That became my motivation is my own father. I see the offroad sports that occupied by my father, he is increasing his insights in the field. Not only that, he became more known by many people both local, national, and international. Father also has acquired many achievements from offroad. So this inspired me to pursue the  offroad.

Y: Where do you usually exercise offroad?
D: I used his workout offroad on personal track, which is located behind my house. Sometimes,  joint exercises held in the hill paniraman.

And the results of my interview with the girls of birth March 8, 1999.
To further recognize her and see the results of the offroad, visit her instagram and facebook, Devy Wahyuni. Sorry if there are flaws and wrong words, thank you for visiting my blog hehe

Selasa, 11 April 2017

Conversation of Making a Robot

Y         = Hi Devi..
D         = Hi Yogi, please sit down.
Y         = Thankyou, How are you?
D         = I'm fine thanks, and you?
Y         = I'm very well thank you
D         = I was thinking....
Y         = What is it?
D         = I might need your help
Y         = What can I do for you?
D         = I need a robot that can translate every single language in the world
Y         = It’s so interesting, let’s make a robot
D         = I think it should have an automatic translation, it can communicate and it can use it camera to decide what’s to do translate
Y         = Amazing, draw or describe it
D         = The robot looks like a handycame with a screen, that can be flipped like handycame
            to decide what’s to do translate
Y         = Amazing, draw or describe it
D         = The robot looks like a handycame with a screen, that can be flipped like handycame
Y         = And what the robot can do?
D         = The robot can talk, it can translate audio and picture. It can record conversation it does’nt internet connecting and batteries
Y         = Ok! Give a name and how much will it cost?
D         = The name should be Glee and how much it will cost arroud 1 million? What do you think?
Y         = It’s so brilliant. Can’t wait to see the result of a robot
D         = Me too
Y & D     = hahahahha

Selasa, 28 Maret 2017

I can’t imagine life without "MUSIC"

Hasil gambar untuk music tumblr

Listening to music has been part of my everyday life it gives me the motivation to do things I love to do. I cannot imagine in a day without listening to music I just feel incomplete and as I started my day one of my daily routine to do is playing a list of songs while I am doing my college, or even if I am cleaning at home, or doing other things. Music helps me a lot in so many ways it gives me the satisfaction or inspiration to go on with my life.

There are so many songs that I can relate while listening to it and some of them really touch my heart. Music has been the story of my life at times when I feel down music is there for me to comfort me and feel that I will make it and when I am happy music is there for me too it joins me to celebrate the happy moment in my life and through that I am thankful that music has been my companion when I needed it the most.

I wonder how many of you are music lovers too? It is a great feeling and happiness to listen to music it was also my friend to lean, it helps me realize when there is rain there is also sun coming up. Music gives me the courage to be with myself I can learn on my own by listening to music it helps me realize there is always hope after the thunderstorm in our life.

If you learn to listen to music life will be so much easy, learn to understand and appreciate what you have in life you are so much blessed as long as you are alive there is always to be happy and grateful for. By the way, genre of music that I like hard like Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens, The Word Alive, Burgerkill, Deadsquad, Last Goal! Party and other, but not always I listen to loud music, in fact all musical genres can go with me. Thanks for reading my blog and enjoy reading hehe

Jumat, 24 Maret 2017

About Skills

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog J

At my previous blog, I have told you about my interest in arts. So, I want to continue my studies with Honors in Art, but my parents did not give their permission for me. Well, here I will tell you about my skill in the art, espesially in musics.

I actually like art since I was childhood, but when I was a child I would rather like drawing. But as time went on I began to love musics. I know the world of musics from my uncle so I was interested to learn it, especially the instruments. The instruments that I learn are guitar, bass, piano and drums. I have learn all of the instruments by myself.

When I was in senior high school, I have join two band. Each bands have different genres.

The first band named NOTOKNG. The genre is traditional death metal. Here I am holding a musical instrument bass and backing vocals.

The second band called BLOCKHEAD. The genre is pop punk. Here I hold the drums.

This is my little story about my skill, especially in musics. Thanks for reading my blog and enjoy reading. Hehehe J

Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

Robots in the home

Materials : Robots in the home

My team : 
- Abdul Haris Ridho ( D1011141087 )
- Andi Akbar ( D1011141073 )
- Nurkholis ( D1011141083 )
- Yogi Wicahya ( D1011141041 )

1. a) If the robots became our personal assistant reminder
    b) The robots maintenance will cost money

2. A robot that can transform into a vehicle

3. First paragraph in line 8, second paragraph in line 12, and third in line 28

Part C
1. a. The answer is computers and robots
    b. The answer is robots will take care of older people and make sure that they take their medicine

Part E
1. The answer is A

3. a) It would be bad if robots became pilot, it will be dangerous and will make most of human pilots lost their job.

b) A robot who can cook is great, because they can do it faster.

c) A robot as a doctor is bad, because it something goes wrong with the robots it would be dangerous.

d) It would be great if a robot become a police, because they don't take bribes.

e) It will be interesting if a robot can sing, because a human who can sing is too mainstream.

f) A robot as a store clerk is great, because they have the capability to serve us well.

g) A robot taxi driver is danger. It is dangerous if the robot broke.

h) A robot teacher is bad. A robot is stiff, freak, and strict.

Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

ͼ My Biography ͽ

Hello my name is Yogi Wicahya. But, you can call me Yogi. I was born in Anjungan August 24, 1996. I am the first child of two siblings. Previously I had studied at Elementary School Number 31 Siantan for two years and then I moved to Elementary School Number 28 Siantan because the school near my house and i studied in here until graduated. After that, I went to Junior High School Number 7 Siantan for three years. After I graduated from junior high school to the proceedings in Senior High School 5 Pontianak majoring science.

Now, I am studying at Tanjungpura University take a Civil Engineering. Why I continue my study to civil engineering? It’s because my parents told me to study in here. Actually, I want to proceeding my study at Institut Seni Indonesia but my parents were not allowed me to continue in there because my parents afraid that I will have tattos. But my parents gave me an option,to take art faculty in here but I rejected because art in here is underdeveloped. Then, i followed two tests to contonue my education, namely  SNMPTN test and nursing test, and I followed the selection and pass both. But I don’t want to be a nurse, so I prefer study at engineering faculty of Tanjungpura University . Actually, I distress to study in here, because I am really stuggling in counting, but prefers to draw, after a while I’am study in here, finally i’m enjoy it, because not all lessons in the engineering are counting, but there is also some draw lessons. After a while through the process, finally I like and enjoy it.