Rabu, 31 Mei 2017

Speech draft for final exam

Hay guys,
First I would like to give thanks to The God who has bestowed His gift upon me and all of us

So I can finish this video of mine.

In this opportunity I will deliver a speech entitled "The Influence of Music on Our Life "
I believe we all know what music is. I'm sure you are one of the many people who loves musics, even if you cant play music. There are many genre of music such as jazz, metal, rock, blues etc. Each genre has it’s own influence on each individual. According to research from America, children who are educated and taught music when they were young, their memory is stronger than those who aren’t being taught.

Most peopl didn’t know the good effect of music education. They thought that music are just music, nothing more. In fact, music actually play a big role in forming someone’s emotion and mentality. Doctors and experts also use music to prevent Stroke, Alzheimer's disease and autism. Still can not believe music can not heal?
A study in Arizona, America has researched and proved that plants that wither or about to die has been succesfuly brought back to life because of music. This is because with music, stress is lost. The Mozart Effect, one of the most influential and influential educational influences in the world. This effect proven to reduce stress and improve the quality of logical and mathematical analytic of one person. The effect of music also take parts in our mood such as, classical music can be soothing, fast music like rock and hip hop makes us excited. Other than that, Our creativity is also growing. Our confidence can also increase because of music.

So what if we want to explore music? Where to start from? Actually there is much we can do. Starting from the easiest to learn, that is singing. Dancing with the rhythm of the music and sing altogether.

This is my speech about the influence of music on humans. We are sorry if there are errors. And so......


My Future Business

My Future Business Is to open a cafe and resto.
Hay friend of a friend all on this accasion I will about my business stiil in the process for the future is " Cafe and Resto " why did I choose this business ? because I know this business is very needed by many people, and with a little flourish of his day and age. in particular the society among the middle to the top every day busy with his work each. even to forget to cook and also many who love the culinary indonesian culinary. The concept that I will explain this is to open a cafe and restaurant aims other than to relax and eat at the cafe is also provided many facilities facilities that make the visitors interested and impressed so that visitors think to return to the cafe and I will make the cafe With a design that is as attractive and romantic as possible so that visitors can feel the comfort and especially that bring a partner especially in today's era for selfie selfie wherever he is.
Here we provide a place to capture the moment so from that I take a business or business that I have planned so that his future can suckes by running this business. Maybe this is just a story about my business I hope this story can be useful for friends who read my blog this. All of me, thank you, hehe.

Akeelah and The Bee

1. Who is your favorite character, and why you chose her/him?
My favorite character is Dr. larabee, why? because Dr. larabee thats makes akeelah great. And Dr. Larabee teaches akeelah a lot, and not just teaches akeelah, Dr. Larabee also considers akeelah like her daughter. Dr. Larabee also gets a trick to make daniel memorize the words, the trick is daniel memorize while jumping rope, this is funny right? But Akeelah uses this trick when spellin bee contest.
2. What is your favorite scene in the movie? and what has that scene taught you?
The best scene is when one of Akeela bestfriend, Javier tried to buy Akeelah some time in regional bee when her mother come and asked her to stop what is she doing. He asked the judges to give him the definition of Rattatouille five times, and even ask the judges to sing a song about it. He makes all the judges confused about it. He also said he even consider to tap dance in case Akeelah didn’t show up.

3. Mention at least 10 words with their definition from the movie?
1.      Synecdoche = a figure of speech by which a part is put for the whole
2.      Argillaceous = of, relating to, or containing clay or clay minerals
3.      Zarzuela = a usually comic Spanish operetta
4.      Craquelure = a cracking (as of varnish, color, or enamel) on a work of plastic art
5.      Ecdysis = the act of molting or shedding an outer cuticular layer
6.      Brunneus = dark brown colors, used in scientific things...
7.      Fortification = a defensive wall built to strengthen something…
8.      Doubt = questioning one’s idea.
9.      Fanciful = i dunno, something fancy? Exotic or what?
10.  Ambidextrous = able to do things with either left or right hand with the same efficiency

Kamis, 20 April 2017

Ask an Expert

Talk about special skills, comes to mind me for looking for a that has a unique expertise than the other and I remember the companions of my friend, her name is Devy Wahyuni. She was a new first lady offroader in west kalimantan who dare to  the track mud with gas the car is very fierce. Literally, Off-road is driving the vehicle outside the highway, whether it’s the ground, the mud, sand, the river, or rocks that is still in the condition of what is. Or with said vehicles from outside the streets paved roads.
This sport is adrenaline and is quite extreme, and rarely does a woman want to pursue like this. Has been imagined is not how unique the girl on this one? Here are the results of my interview with Devy.

Y: What is the reason for you to be offroader?
D: Because I have a sense of courage in the field of offroad, where it is rarely embedded in the mind of a woman.

Y: Why do you want to be a offroader?
D: I want to be an offroader, because I feel fit in the field. Through offroad also I know more about the automotive field that is occupied by men than women. Not only that, I also feel more superior than women.

Y: When did you start to pursue the world of offroad?
D: I started acquiring offroad since 2014, where I ventured to try the track in a competition offroad. Actually this I've learned since 2011. However, I need to process and time to do it in order to obtain maximum results.

Y: Who be the reason and your motivation to be a offroader?
D: That became my motivation is my own father. I see the offroad sports that occupied by my father, he is increasing his insights in the field. Not only that, he became more known by many people both local, national, and international. Father also has acquired many achievements from offroad. So this inspired me to pursue the  offroad.

Y: Where do you usually exercise offroad?
D: I used his workout offroad on personal track, which is located behind my house. Sometimes,  joint exercises held in the hill paniraman.

And the results of my interview with the girls of birth March 8, 1999.
To further recognize her and see the results of the offroad, visit her instagram and facebook, Devy Wahyuni. Sorry if there are flaws and wrong words, thank you for visiting my blog hehe

Selasa, 11 April 2017

Conversation of Making a Robot

Y         = Hi Devi..
D         = Hi Yogi, please sit down.
Y         = Thankyou, How are you?
D         = I'm fine thanks, and you?
Y         = I'm very well thank you
D         = I was thinking....
Y         = What is it?
D         = I might need your help
Y         = What can I do for you?
D         = I need a robot that can translate every single language in the world
Y         = It’s so interesting, let’s make a robot
D         = I think it should have an automatic translation, it can communicate and it can use it camera to decide what’s to do translate
Y         = Amazing, draw or describe it
D         = The robot looks like a handycame with a screen, that can be flipped like handycame
            to decide what’s to do translate
Y         = Amazing, draw or describe it
D         = The robot looks like a handycame with a screen, that can be flipped like handycame
Y         = And what the robot can do?
D         = The robot can talk, it can translate audio and picture. It can record conversation it does’nt internet connecting and batteries
Y         = Ok! Give a name and how much will it cost?
D         = The name should be Glee and how much it will cost arroud 1 million? What do you think?
Y         = It’s so brilliant. Can’t wait to see the result of a robot
D         = Me too
Y & D     = hahahahha

Selasa, 28 Maret 2017

I can’t imagine life without "MUSIC"

Hasil gambar untuk music tumblr

Listening to music has been part of my everyday life it gives me the motivation to do things I love to do. I cannot imagine in a day without listening to music I just feel incomplete and as I started my day one of my daily routine to do is playing a list of songs while I am doing my college, or even if I am cleaning at home, or doing other things. Music helps me a lot in so many ways it gives me the satisfaction or inspiration to go on with my life.

There are so many songs that I can relate while listening to it and some of them really touch my heart. Music has been the story of my life at times when I feel down music is there for me to comfort me and feel that I will make it and when I am happy music is there for me too it joins me to celebrate the happy moment in my life and through that I am thankful that music has been my companion when I needed it the most.

I wonder how many of you are music lovers too? It is a great feeling and happiness to listen to music it was also my friend to lean, it helps me realize when there is rain there is also sun coming up. Music gives me the courage to be with myself I can learn on my own by listening to music it helps me realize there is always hope after the thunderstorm in our life.

If you learn to listen to music life will be so much easy, learn to understand and appreciate what you have in life you are so much blessed as long as you are alive there is always to be happy and grateful for. By the way, genre of music that I like hard like Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens, The Word Alive, Burgerkill, Deadsquad, Last Goal! Party and other, but not always I listen to loud music, in fact all musical genres can go with me. Thanks for reading my blog and enjoy reading hehe